Bonefisc Policies



Bonefisc Striper Guide Service, LLC will do everything reasonable for you to have a great time on your fishing trip, but we do have some rules. Some are general rules for safety and other rules are for the protection of our boat and equipment. Our fishing trips all operate under our complete Terms and Conditions listed below. Scheduling a fishing trip with us is your agreement to these terms and conditions.

  • The fishing trip agreement includes an outfitted fishing boat, a Licensed Fishing Guide, and all tackle and bait.
  • The balance of your fishing trip price over and above your deposit is due prior to departure from the boat launch.
  • It is your responsibility to notify all members of your party and arrange for your party to be present on the date,  the location,  and at the time designated by your Captain. You are expected to be on time for your trip.
  • If you cancel less than 14 days before your scheduled trip or do not show up at the designated place and time on the day of your trip you will be charged the full amount of the trip. If there are extenuating circumstances, your trip may be rescheduled at the discretion of your Captain.
  • When you reserve a trip date, it is your fishing date/time as long as the boat Captain determines that the weather is appropriate
    for fishing. Lightening, hail, high winds and torrential rain are a few examples of severe weather that may result in the boat Captain terminating or halting the fishing trip.
  • A trip terminated by the Captain due to bad weather once fishing has commenced will not be entitled to a refund if the fishing party agreed to begin the fishing trip knowing of the impending weather. If we have to cancel a trip due to inclement weather, we may reschedule the trip for the first available date acceptable to both you and us, provided a reasonable amount of fishing time has not been completed. A trip terminated due to member(s) of the fishing party getting sick will not be entitled to a refund or credit. We reserve the right to make whatever changes in the trip that circumstances dictate, including substitutions of boats, cancellations due to weather, mechanical failure, etc.
  • The fishing trip operates under the authority of the boat Captain. The boat Captain has the authority to terminate the fishing trip in the event of unacceptable conduct by the fishing party.
  • Misuse of the boat or equipment is prohibited and is grounds for canceling the fishing trip without refund.
  • Usage or possession of narcotics, marijuana, or the possession of any other illegal substances of any nature will result in the termination of the trip and forfeiture of all money paid.
  • Your most important piece of boat safety equipment is your life jacket. We will provide youwith USCG approved life jackets. Children are required to wear a life jacket at all times while on the boat and to stay seated in designated areas while the boat is moving. Please assist in making sure that children comply. Adults are encouraged to wear life jackets and to know where all safety equipment is located on the boat.
  • Bring plenty of drinking water and hydrate frequently, especially in hot conditions. Wear appropriate foot gear to avoid slipping on wet surfaces. Try to stay dry and protected from the elements. Wear a waterproof sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. Dressing in layers and having rain gear with you is always a good idea. In cold weather conditions, a coat, hat, gloves, and warm clothes are a must.
  • Your Captain will bait and remove hooks, stow your fish during the trip, and filet them for you. Fins and gills can cut you and hooks are very sharp, so please be cautious.
  • It is our desire to provide a pleasant fishing experience. If you have questions, please feel
    free to ask. We abide by all State and Federal Fishing regulations. 
  • Bonefisc Striper Guide Service, LLC is not responsible for loss of life, limb, or medical bills resulting from injuries incurred while on our boat. If you follow your Captain’s instructions and follow these simple safety rules, be assured that you will have a safe and fun experience!


  • CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT Check in is any time after 4:00 p.m. Check out is by 1:00 p.m. By request, early check-ins and/or late check-outs may be available. Cabin keys are available should you wish to lock up when you’re out and about. When you check out, please remove food from refrigerator and turn off lights and A/C or heating units. Please check under beds, bedding, and outlets to make sure you have not left any personal items behind. It is your sole responsibility to ensure you read all policies thoroughly and follow all expectations. Bonefisc Striper Guide Service, LLC is not responsible for loss or damage to personal property while on the premises, including damage to vehicles, and is not responsible for personal injury incurred while on the premises.
  • BATH HOUSE The bath house is located behind the Oklahoma Cabin and is shared by guests in the Oklahoma and Texas cabins. Clean towels and wash cloths are provided. Extras can be found inside benches. Please use the hamper for dirty towels and keep the bathroom clean and tidy. If you forgot something, travel-sized shampoo, soap, and toothpaste may be available in drawers and bins. Please help yourself to what you need for your stay.
  • TV AND INTERNET The cabins are equipped with a TV; however, internet is not available at this time. You may use the SMARTCAST feature on the TV to stream shows and movies by choosing “Menu” and “Network,” connecting to your phone’s hot spot data or your mobile hot spot and logging in to your preferred streaming apps. Otherwise, there are a few basic antennae channels available.
  • BREAKFAST Breakfast will be ready for you at the time decided upon by Captain Mike. Generally, this will be tween 4:45 a.m. and 5:30 a.m. depending on when you are expected to be at the dock. You will be advised of the time the night before. A home-cooked country breakfast will be provided under the Pavilion. If your group has any food allergies or special diet requirements, please let us know at least 24 hrs in advance so that we can accommodate you.
  • SLEEPING ACCOMMODATIONS The cabins sleep 4 adults comfortably. Additionally, lofts will sleep up to 2 children. Cabins will be assigned  based on the size and needs of your group.
  • FIRE PIT AND COOKERS You may use our wood and lighter fluid only in the fire pits. There is also a grill, a griddle, and fryer under the Pavilion available for your use. Do not leave cooking unattended. If you are not comfortable and familiar with using the fire pits and/or cookers, please do not use them or ask for assistance.
  • PICNIC AREA Please do not leave trash or leftover food out as it will attract pests and wildlife. You may use the refrigerators to store extra food and trash bins are located under the Pavilion and near the fire pit.
  • WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS Due to the location of our property in forested areas, there is a chance that guests will encounter some type of wildlife, including venomous snakes, insects, or stray animals. Please be cautious! Each cabin is treated on a scheduled basis for interior pests, but due to the natural habitation of the forest, no refunds or compensation will be given for any problems resulting from pests inside or outside the cabins. Do not feed animals you may see around the cabins nor permit them to enter the cabins. Do not allow children to play with, pet, or feed stray animals. We are not responsible for any wildlife or animal encounters of any kind. Bonefisc Striper Guide Service, LLC is not responsible for medical bills resulting from injuries resulting from encounters with wildlife or stray animals.
  • PETS Pets are not allowed. Failure to comply with the No Pets policy will result in a charge of an additional $100 per rental night and eviction without refund.
  • SMOKING Smoking is not allowed in cabins, bathroom, or wooded areas. If you smoke, be sure to fully extinguish the light when done and discard cigarette butts properly. If the cabins smell of smoke, or there is any evidence of smoking inside the cabins, an additional cleaning fee of $100 will be charged per rental night. An additional fee up to $50 will be charged for littering the grounds with cigarette butts.
  • QUIET HOURS No loud music or loud outdoor activities between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. We want you to enjoy the outdoors and the firepit as late as you’d like; just please be mindful of our neighbors.
  • CHILDREN Do not leave children unattended in cabins or anywhere on the property. Do not allow them to explore wooded areas alone, to wade in the creek/pond, or to climb trees. Bonefisc Striper Guide Service, LLC is not responsible for loss of life or limb or medical bills resulting from injuries incurred while on our premises. Please remind children to follow the same rules that would be expected at home, such as taking off dirty shoes before climbing into the loft or onto beds, no food or drinks in sleeping areas, no destruction of property, etc. Do not allow children to play on the boat or in/on vehicles, trailers, tractors, etc. Guests will be liable for any damages caused to the property.
  • GRATUITY Tips are greatly appreciated by your Captain to help offset the cost of fuel and the complimentary amenities that we provide to our guests. Additionally, if you would like to leave a tip for our cook and our cleaning staff, please do! Thank you!


Enjoy your fishing trip and your stay and let us know if there is anything we can do to make you feel more at home! We appreciate your business and hope to see you back each year!

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Property Address:

5798 Wildwood Rd, Kingston, OK 73439


Contacts for Non-Emergencies (call or text):

August: 405-641-0141 – Breakfast & Housekeeping

Capt. Mike: 405-765-9623