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Meet Bonefisc's Captain Mike Fischer, a Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Lake Texoma Fishing Guide experiences can change depending on who you choose. With Bonefisc, you’re choosing a service built on an all-encompassing vision of the lake.

Discovering Lake Texoma: A Fishing Guide Paradise

Where Nature's Splendor Meets Cultural Heritage and Economic Prosperity

Nestled at the border of Texas and Oklahoma, Lake Texoma spans a massive 89,000 acres, making it one of the largest reservoirs in the United States. It is not just its sheer size that’s remarkable; Lake Texoma boasts a unique ecological diversity that sets it apart. Fishing at Lake Texoma isn’t merely an activity; it’s an institution. For years, this lake has contributed significantly to the economic vitality of the region, offering job opportunities and boosting tourism. Fishing here fuels the local economy, attracting tourists and fostering businesses. Furthermore, fishing here is woven into the cultural tapestry of the local communities, holding memories, traditions, and legacies that span generations.

Lake Texoma Facts

The Rich Tapestry of Lake Texoma Fishing Guide History

Nestled into existence in 1944, Lake Texoma stands as a beacon of both engineering marvel and natural beauty. A result of the damming of the Red River, this man-made treasure was sculpted by the Denison Dam, a project championed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers. This esteemed body retains ownership of the entire shoreline, ensuring a pristine, uninterrupted environment free from private lakefront developments—a dream come true for fishing guides who prefer untouched waters. Located a mere 1.5 hours from Dallas and straddling the Oklahoma-Texas border, Lake Texoma spans an expansive 90,000 acres, with Oklahoma hosting 80% of its vast expanse. Plummeting to depths of 110 feet and adorned with myriad islands and river ledges, it’s no wonder fishing guides find it an unparalleled hub for Striped Bass and Sand Bass.

The lake’s record proudly showcases a Striped Bass catch of 35.12 lbs, a testament to its thriving ecosystem. Post the introduction of Striped Bass between 1969 and 1974, these majestic creatures have not only survived but flourished, allowing for a generous daily catch of 10 fish per angler—an alluring prospect for both novice and veteran fishing guides alike.

Types of Fishing Guides on Lake Texoma

Lake Texoma is a treasure trove for anglers, with Striped Bass taking the spotlight. Their allure lies in their spirited nature, making them a sought-after catch. Depending on the season, their availability shifts, offering dynamic fishing adventures. But the wonders of Lake Texoma don’t end there. With species like catfish and crappie also calling it home, the lake promises a fishing escapade like no other.

Benefits of Hiring a Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

The Insiders Edge

Taking on Lake Texoma alone is a bold endeavor; hiring a fishing guide can be your ace up the sleeve. Here’s why:

  • Access to a Wealth of Knowledge: With a local guide, you’re not just hiring someone to lead the way. You’re tapping into years, if not decades, of experience. This expertise ensures you’re privy to the intricacies of fish behavior, seasonal shifts, and Lake Texoma’s ever-changing patterns.

  • Cut Down on the Guesswork: Why spend hours hoping to find the fish when a guide already knows where they’re biting? The efficiency of a seasoned guide ensures you’re placed in the middle of the action, amplifying your chances of reeling in a prized catch.

  • Gear Up Right: The last thing anyone wants is faulty gear ruining the day. With a guide, not only do you get access to top-tier equipment, but you also gain the assurance that everything is primed for optimal performance and safety.

Choosing the right Lake Texoma Fishing Guide

Your Partner in the Perfect Catch:

Not all guides are created equal. With years under his belt, Captain Mike Fischer’s deep-rooted knowledge of Lake Texoma’s nooks and crannies is unmatched. His experience ensures you’re always at the right spot at the right time.

Experience Matters

The water is a vast and diverse fishing landscape. To navigate its waves efficiently and make the most of your trip, partnering with the right Lake Texoma fishing guide becomes paramount. Captain Mike Fischer of Bonefisc Striper Guide Service is the ace up your sleeve.

Genuine Reviews Tell a Tale:

The voice of fellow anglers speaks volumes. Dive into the testimonials of those who’ve embarked on this journey with Captain Mike Fischer. Their tales of trophy catches and enriching experiences are a testament to his prowess.

Credentials That Inspire Confidence:

Safety and professionalism are at the heart of every expedition. Captain Mike’s certifications are a clear indicator of his commitment to providing an unparalleled, yet safe fishing experience. With him, you’re not just choosing a guide; you’re choosing peace of mind.


Meet Mike, your go-to Striper fishing angler tour guide with an unparalleled passion for fun, adventure, and angling expertise. With over two decades of experience under his belt, Mike has become a seasoned master of the waters, bringing excitement and joy to every fishing trip he leads.

Patient, warm-hearted, and absolutely dedicated to creating unforgettable memories, Mike is renowned for his exceptional rapport with children. He understands that a fishing trip isn’t just about the catch – it’s about instilling a love for nature, bonding with loved ones, and ensuring that young anglers feel the thrill of reeling in the biggest fish. Mike’s infectious sense of humor keeps the atmosphere light and enjoyable, making each outing a truly entertaining experience.

His reputation for going above and beyond extends to his personalized service and attention to detail. From exploring Blue Cat honey holes to ensuring everyone’s needs are met, Mike creates a first-class experience from start to finish. The day’s catches are just the beginning – he provides snacks, a comfortable place to relax, and even takes care of cleaning the fish, making the entire journey seamless and enjoyable.

Mike’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, with repeat business and glowing recommendations pouring in. Families, corporate groups, and individuals alike have found the pinnacle of fishing experiences with Mike at Bonefisc guide service. His approach isn’t just about fishing, it’s about foraging memories, building connections and having a blast while doing it.