Where Every Cast Tells a Story: This Week at Bonefisc’s Lake Texoma

Captain Mike Fischer

Date: 2023-09-28

Location: Lake Texoma

Dear fishing enthusiasts and wanderlust souls,

The waters of Lake Texoma beckon, and today we’re not only diving into the recent fishing conditions but also bringing you slices of life from the Bonefisc Bed & Breakfast.

Lake Texoma Fishing Conditions:

As of today, Lake Texoma is showing some real spirit! The water is stained, with temperatures between 86-88 degrees. Although we’re currently 3.22 feet below pool, there’s still a ton of activity out there. Our striped bass have been a bit unpredictable. While smaller-sized ones are being caught under the birds, the larger ones can be found by blind casting shallow flats, particularly in the 1-6 feet of water range.

Your best bet? Pencil poppers, slabs, and now even swimbaits are in play. If you’re aiming for the big fish, drift gizzard shad along flats within 5-15 feet of water, or work your topwaters along the banks. On the other hand, box fish have been seen running the ledges at depths of 30-40 feet, with threadfin shad being the choice bait. For catfish, they’ve shown good results when drifting cut shad along the flats in the 15-25 feet depth range. If you’re into bass fishing, it’s a bit on the slower side. But here’s a golden tip: it’s a great opportunity to drop waypoints on exposed boulders or lay downs that will be submerged in the upcoming seasons. For crappie lovers, while it’s a bit slow, using minnows on brush piles in the little mineral arm is the way to go. Make sure to employ your electronics to pinpoint the active fish.

Bonefisc Stories & Tips:

Now, for a heartwarming story from this past week. We had young Jacob, a vibrant 12-year-old, with us, who caught a striped bass so impressive it might just have been the catch of his life! The pure joy in his eyes and the pride radiating from his father is what we live for at Bonefisc. Moments like these make every day on the lake worth it.

After an intense day of fishing, our guests often share tales of their adventures over breakfast. Speaking of which, our traditional biscuits and gravy have been the talk of the town. There’s nothing like the comfort of a hearty breakfast to kickstart another day by the lake.

Lastly, a golden piece of advice that I’ve often shared and remains timeless – don’t forget your sunblock. A day under the Texoma sun can be relentless, and while we chase the thrill of the catch, it’s essential to stay protected.

Stay safe, fish responsibly, and always remember – every day is a good day when you’re fishing. We look forward to hosting you soon at Bonefisc Striper Guide Service and Bed & Breakfast.

Warm regards,
Captain Mike and August Fischer

P.S. Huge thanks to John Blasingame from Adventure Texoma Outdoors and Jacob Orr from Lake Texoma Guaranteed Guide Service for their valuable insights and updates.

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